Board and Contact

Board and Contact

The members of the FinnProt board are elected for a two-year period with the possibility to be re-elected for two additional consecutive periods. The wish of FinnProt is that the members would cover the national distribution of the Proteomics Units in Finland. New and active board members are always welcome. If you feel that you want to be a part of the future of FinnProt, please contact Robert Moulder (see below) or any of the board members for further instructions. Please check your membership status before standing as a candidate.

If your e-mail address changes, please send your updated contact information to our secretary Robert Moulder to keep on receiving current information via e-mail from us.

The current FinnProt board was elected February 23rd 2023, with the exception of the change of treasurer (13/02/24). The  board would like to thank previous treasurer Niina Lietzen for many service for the society. 


President: Robert Moulder, Turku (, Turku Bioscience, University of Turku & Åbo Akademi

Vice President: Karoliina Hirvonen, Turku (  Turku Bioscience, University of Turku & Åbo Akademi

Secretary: Dorota Muth-Pawlak, Turku (, Department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry, University of Turku

Treasurer: Juha Määttä, Tampere (, BioMediTech, University of Tampere

Nordic Liaison: Tuula Nyman, Oslo ( University of Oslo

Social Media: Martina Lorey,  Helsinki (, Wihuri Research Institute,

Markku Varjosalo, Helsinki, (, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki


Robert Moulder

Dorota Muth-Pawlak