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The Finnish Proteomics Society (FinnProt) aims to make proteomics research readily available for the scientific community in Finland, promote research and education in proteomics and protein chemistry, and act as the official Finnish collaborative body to international proteomics organizations (i.e. HUPO and EuPA).

FinnProt is a Proteomics Division of the Finnish BioBio Society and represents Finland in the European Proteomics Association, EuPA.

FinnProt members can attend EuPA events and are eligible for FinnProt and EuPa grants.

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10th Anniversary Symposium of FinnProt

November 7, 2014
Logomo, Turku

The 10th FinnProt Anniversary Symposium is open to everybody, and a major focus of the symposium is to introduce proteomics research performed in Finland. Also several proteomics core facilities in Finland provide their expertise in various fields of protein chemistry, proteomics and mass spectrometry analysis, and they have an opportunity to present their services in the symposium.

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Proteomics course in Turku

A walk-through from basics to advanced techniques, September 15 – 19, 2014

This 5-day course includes both hands-on exercises and lectures on mass spectrometry based proteomics techniques. The course starts from a basic protein identification and sample preparation but will provide also an excellent overview of theoretical background in current approaches in proteomics, including protein quantitation by SRM, SWATH MS techniques and protein phosphorylation analysis.
The course is aimed at graduated students and early-stage postdocs. No previous knowledge of mass spectrometry is required.
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